Who are the FAW Trust?

The story of the FAW Trust and how it's growing Welsh football from the grassroots up.

The FAW Trust is a registered charity, founded in 1996, and is responsible for the development of football in Wales, from grassroots to national level.

For more than 20 years, it's been our job to work with the Football Association of Wales to protect, promote and develop the game of football to achieve our joint vision of:-

Football for everyone, everywhere in Wales.

Our mission: To grow the Game and Raise Standards by

  1. Transforming communities through football for all.
  2. Becoming a world class coaching nation.
  3. Identifying, developing and preparing talented young players to support the future success of our national teams.
  4. Living our values and delivering excellence.



Football is at the heart of communities, across Wales, through an extensive network of clubs, which create the perfect environment to unite people of all ages, genders and backgrounds.
Working together, we encourage people to experience the power of football for themselves, strive for excellence, show respect and promote our football family.
Among many testing targets, we aim to get 60,000 children playing twice a week, as registered club members, by 2024 while growing the voluntary workforce to help them reach their potential.


We recognise the game's health benefits and aim to decrease sedentary lifestyles and obesity as well as football's ability to help treat conditions such as mental health.
In our bid to offer a safe and enjoyable experience to all, our National Facilities Strategy aims to get 100 artificial pitches laid in Wales by 2024.



We continue to invest in our world-class national coach education programme and engage our community of professional and volunteer coaches to grow the game and raise standards from grassroots to international football.
We have invested in making our training courses more accessible, with online modules halving the time it takes to become a coach.

There is also a seamless pathway for coaches who want to progress from the Football Leaders Award to the FAW C Certificate, UEFA B, A and Pro Licence awards and offer top-class coach mentoring.

Our extensive coach education programme aims to provide opportunities for our brightest Welsh coaches to learn alongside some of the biggest names in the game in an environment that's mutually beneficial.

Player Development


As we aim to build the legacy of the history created by our senior national teams, we start every young Welsh player's journey by educating them into the 'Welsh Way' of playing.

We will provide facilities and frameworks to enable the most talented to succeed, as well as protecting, educating and empowering them.

We have established six regional performance centres, which feed into our national girls' system, as we aim to get 90% of boys and girls playing for our development squads (U16) representing Wales at intermediate level (U17). 

We also have two impairment national disability teams and three regional performance centres which support talented disability players.

We've created a National Syllabus document, which provides a blueprint for coaches at all levels to implement the Welsh Way of playing, a long-term vision which includes a philosophy, identity and framework for our national coaches to work within.
It is planned that the implementation of the National Syllabus will create generation of intelligent, athletic and flexible footballers, who can interchange positions and solve problems in real-time, ready for the demands of international football when they get the call.