FAW Talent ID Programme


The FAW Talent ID programme has been in operation since 2012.

It enables the player pool to extend beyond Wales, giving the FAW better access to Welsh qualified players at professional clubs, around the UK and beyond.

A network of scouts, mostly based around the UK, view players at all levels of the game in their search for talented Welsh qualified players, with the right character to be considered for inclusion in our National Player Development Programme

Senior international stars like Ethan Ampadu, Ben Woodburn and Matt Smith are examples of such graduates of the programme.

National Talent ID Manager Gus Williams said: “When we started, we found that there are a lot more Welsh qualified players than we previously thought and discovering them has enabled us to raise the standards within our player development programme and create a seamless pathway into the national intermediate and senior squads.

“To build on the national team’s success, we must sustain and develop the Talent ID programme.

“We know all of the boys in our system and that sense of relationship is very important for a nation of our size because every player in the Welsh football family is recognised.

“Collaboration between all age-group head coaches and the senior first team creates a working environment that will ensure future success.”

The high standards set by the players entering the system illustrates the success of the programme. To maintain and develop that further is our objective and as such we continue to work to achieve that whilst adhering to the below eligibility criteria, as governed by FIFA.

Eligibility Criteria

a) Born on the territory of the relevant Association;

b) Biological mother or biological father was born on the territory of the relevant Association;

c) One biological grandparent born on the territory of the relevant Association;

d) Engaged in a minimum of five years education, under the age of 18, within the territory of the relevant association.