National Syllabus

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FAW Technical Director Dr David Adams describes the FAW National Syllabus and why it has been updated...

I am delighted to introduce this updated FAW National Syllabus following our unparalleled success on the pitch with back to back European championship qualification and reaching the semi-finals in 2016, our aim is to take advantage of this success on the world stage to inspire, stimulate and engage the next generation of young girls and boys to play and fall in love with football.

I recognise the huge contribution that our areas associations, leagues and volunteers provide across Wales to ensure the child’s first experiences in the game are positive and by having stronger grass roots clubs who encourage girls and boys and endorse our pathway, this can only serve to increase our opportunity of sustained future success.

Building on our last strategic cycle 2016-2020 and national syllabus, we have seen the effectiveness of our player pathway and talent identification systems with a new generation of talented young players breaking into Ryan Giggs team and full testament to him and the rest of our National youth team staff for creating these opportunities and supporting these young players progress. We hope and anticipate by keeping this group together and with continued progress in our player pathways, which includes our youth national teams consistently reaching UEFA elite tournaments that we will continue to perform on the world stage.

The women and girls' game has seen significant growth, and through a more seamless pathway we hope that in the future we can develop a team that can regularly qualify for European and World Cup competitions.

This document is aimed to provide a unified approach so that all young people strive and have the opportunity to reach their potential. This new version of the National Syllabus serves as a resource to supports all stakeholders in the delivery of Welsh football, which places the ‘person’ at the centre of our approach.

My thanks to all who have contributed to this document, and our football family, across Wales.


Dr David Adams | Technical Director