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How our Lidl Play More Football scheme has captivated school children across Wales.


The Lidl Play More Football programme is designed to maximise participation among school children and develop future coaches across Wales.

The innovative programme was designed and developed by pupils across Wales.

It encourages children of all abilities to take part in weekly skills sessions, helping them to live a healthy and active lifestyle, meet new friends and develop skills.

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Pupils, rather than teachers, lead the easy-to-play sessions, helping us develop the next generation of coaches and volunteers in the grassroots game.

This investment in the development of young leaders, or directors of football as they're called in the programme, gives pupils the skills and experience to plan, organise and deliver sessions for themselves and their peers.

In the programme's first year, 64 secondary schools registered on the scheme with 607 directors of football trained to deliver activities. Nearly 13,000 pupils participated in the sessions.


Following the success of Lidl Play More Football in Welsh secondary schools, since its launch in April 2016, we are thrilled to now extend the programme in primary schools.

We hope this will help us towards our target of 50% of children playing football at least once a week.

For more information on the Lidl 'Play More Football' programme and to get involved, please get in touch.

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