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What is Huddle?

Born in September 2019, Huddle aims to introduce girls aged between four and 11 to football in a fun, relaxed, sociable and friendly way to ensure they have a positive first experience of football. Huddle is delivered by clubs and partners across Wales who want to grow the number of girls playing football in their local area.

Girls can expect to make new friends, learn some football skills through fun games and build their confidence throughout the sessions. If girls want to progress onto a club team, the coaches at the sessions can direct them to their nearest team, but for those that are happy playing in Huddle sessions, they’re welcome to just play there!

Sponsored by Weetabix, over 6,000 girls have enjoyed coming to Huddle sessions all across Wales since 2019. Most who had never played club football before! 

As we move into 2023, we are excited to launch Phase 5 of Huddle, where we look to add to our current 63 sessions across Wales.

Huddle, Powered by Weetabix
Huddle, Powered by Weetabix

Here’s what some of the parents said about their daughters’ experiences at Huddle:

“The fact that it is all girls made huddle seem a more accessible route for my daughter to develop an enjoyment in playing football”

“It's there to build confidence and skills so no pressure on the children”

“She loves sport and plays a lot of football with her dad and brother in the garden. This was a great opportunity for her to join a fun session and where she could develop some skills”

“The fact it was girls only and indoors which made it a non-intimidating environment for her to gain some confidence and enjoy the experience."

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