Football for All

How the FAW Trust is providing Football for All, Everywhere in Wales.


The FAW Trust has a philosophy of Football for All, Everywhere in Wales.

To give everybody in the country an opportunity to play, we work with partner organisations to reach people from all sections of society.

Here are some of the initiatives we are currently involved in...

Disability Sport Wales | Insport Programme

The Disability Sport Wales Insport Club Programme is supporting you and your club to become more inclusive, a club for all. 


The FAW Trust has a vision to support grassroots clubs to develop inclusive environments. With the help of Disability Sport Wales (DSW) grassroots football clubs will be guided through the insport club programme, to help develop their provision for all, providing the best opportunities for those players with a disability to take part in football locally.

What is the insport club programme?

• The insport Club programme aims to support clubs in developing their provision so that it includes people with a disability.

• DSW have therefore developed a Toolkit which is intended to support the development of inclusive thinking, planning, development and delivery by the club so that ultimately, they could deliver across the spectrum to disabled and non-disabled people, potentially in a range of different formats.

• The programme consists of 4 incremental standards (Ribbon, Bronze, Silver and Gold), against which a series of aims have been identified. 

FAW Trust | Disability Sport Wales Insport Club Programme
FAW Trust | Disability Sport Wales Insport Club Programme

Regional Investment Plan programme

Our Regional Investment Plan programme is a small grants programme for grassroots projects, whereby we invest in delivery partners, usually grassroots clubs, local authorities, or charities, etc. to deliver on our behalf against these five targets.

  • 50% of young people playing football once a week.
  • 20,000 registered female players.
  • 30% of young people playing football at least twice a week.
  • 1500 registered players with a disability.
  • 4% of registered players being from a BME background.

From April 2016 to March 2017 the programme had 63 Projects running, from five areas of Wales; North, South, West, Central and Gwent.

It attracted 10,251 young people to participate in football, for a minimum of ten weeks via the 63 investment projects. Also 25% of all participants were female and 95 new coaches and volunteers were recruited as a result of the project.

Our plan for the future is to keep investing in clubs to help them recruit new players and coaches to sustain and grow the game.

With further investment and focus on development of new products, we plan to populate our Informal Pathway, with new products, like Beatball.


Girls across Wales are falling in love with the beautiful game, thanks to Beatball, our exciting new football and dance combo.

It’s designed to get girls familiar with the football and thousands have already joined in.

We kicked it off at Capital FM’s Cardiff Bay Beach and girls from around South Wales joined in the fun.

Ramadan Football

Ramadan Football is an innovative project that targets Muslim communities in South Wales.

For the five weeks of Ramadan 2017, ‘Midnight Ramadan Football’ offered players of all ages the opportunity to stay active, during the period of fasting from dawn to sunset.

Sessions were held at the Cardiff City House of Sport and Butetown Pavilion from midnight to 2am, throughout the holy month.

Nearly 100 players joined in the sessions, which strengthened the relationship between the participants, the FAW Trust and our project delivery partners.

There are now plans to repeat the project in future years.

1Ramadan Football.jpg

We Wear the Same Shirt Campaign

In an attempt to tackle the stigma around mental health issues, Time To Change Wales and the FAW Trust created the ‘We Wear the Same Shirt’ programme designed to help sufferers through football.

Physical activity is a proven factor to improving mental health and thanks to Sports Wales funding, sufferers in Newtown, Merthyr, Newport,Wrexham and Welshpool joined in the project, which offered weekly sessions and a tournament at the end of the season.

We’re actively seeking funding to take this project forward and give it a sustainable future.

To show your support, visit:

Football v Homophobia Workshops

The sexual orientation or gender identity of individuals should never be a barrier to getting involved in football in Wales.

We want to ensure opportunities for coaches, players, referees and volunteers exist for everybody in Wales.

The FAW Trust is a proud member of the LGB&T Sport Cymru Network and in 2017 we hosted  a series of Football v Homophobia workshops around Wales to better educate people in the game.


1Football v Homophobia Logo.png
For more information, follow @footballvhomophobia on Twitter

Wales Learning Disability Squad

The Wales U19 Learning Disability squad competes in a home nations tournament every year.

Before getting selected for the national squad, eligible players join up with one of our regional coaching centres in North East, North West, South and West Wales.

To qualify for the squad, players must be aged between 15 and 19 in the year the tournament is played.

Involvement must be supported by a headed letter from a school, college or LEA confirming that the individual has received special education.

If you think you're eligible to play

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Wales Deaf Futsal squad

The Wales Deaf Futsal squad competes in a home nations tournament every year.

The squad is mostly made up of deaf players from football clubs across Wales and England.

The national champions are determined every year in a tournament called the Deaf Futsal Cup.

In 2018 Wales hosted a Deaf Futsal Euro qualifying tournament for the first time at Cardiff Met University. 

Wales, Turkey, Sweden and Bosnia spent three days in Cardiff playing a round-robin and the Turks and Swedes progressed to the finals in Finland. 

But hosting the tournament put the sport on the map in Wales and inspired a new generation of deaf children to play football and futsal. 

If you think you're eligible to play

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