Retaining Volunteers


Retaining Volunteers

Many clubs put all the hard work and efforts in, in creating exciting volunteering roles and attracting great people through their recruitment process but can quickly find themselves repeating these stages, continuously.

This can happen because clubs can very easily forget to pause and reflect on how they retain those individuals already giving a helping hand.

It is so important to ensure that volunteers feel supported, appreciated and want to stay part of the club.

One way to check in is to have consistent communication and align this to the season. We know that a football season has many different stages and so it is important to think about what support new or existing volunteers might need at different times of the year.

Depending on the volunteer or the role they are undertaking, they may have different points where they may feel stretched or under pressure. Therefore it is a good idea to stay connected with each volunteer, plan what support maybe needed throughout the season and ensure that roles are broken down and the load is shared.

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