Workforce needs of a grassroots football club

Clubs need to become more business like, financially sustainable

Clubs are managing club houses

Owning, managing and servicing pitches

Participant needs and expectations are different – new generations demand more and better, therefore the quality of the football experience has to be the best

Increasing numbers of girls and women want to play football – have we got the capacity to meet the demand?

People don’t have the same time to commit to their football club as they used to, we therefore need more volunteers who all play a key part

Attracting New Workforce

• Appealing to parents of existing and new players

Parents section on signing on form

Understand the skills and experience

Induction to introduce club tasks & challenges

Being involved isn’t just Coaching

Welcome feedback and ideas

Better use of ‘Training Time’

• Students

• Partnerships with local educational bodies

• Local Businesses
• Volunteer contributions from larger corporations

• Unemployed & Seeking experience

Getting the Most Out of Your Workforce - Using What You have

Critical review of where volunteers time is focused


Wheredovolunteersskillslie&whatdothey enjoy

Giveaclearclubvisionanddirectiontoall volunteers and contributors




Impact of parent engagement: James Duckworth, Chepstow Garden City


Lack of wider club awareness

Age Group only focus

To foster a #MoreThanAClub spirit

• 7 Page Questionnaire via Google Docs covering:

Household and Family information

Reasons for joining the club

Social Media (Club only had Facebook up to 2019)

Thoughts on the club (Good / Bad)

Hardwick Project

Future Projects



73 Responses in total (from 250 families in the club)

97% of those who answered welcomed Hardwick to be developed as the club H/Q

60 of 73 responses welcome an Email Newsletter

17 of 73 responses welcome Football themed Birthday Parties

3 of 73 responses welcome a Printed Newsletter

Of the 73 responses, only 7 were unaware of our Priority Club Status


Twitter launched this year. Currently standing at 100 Followers (39 have been added since the Survey closed)

Instagram launched in 2019. Standing at 102 Followers (71 have been added since the Survey closed)


The Club have successfully registered their Girls section with the SWWGL and played their first competitive match last week

Creation of a Club Wide Newsletter

Local School Engagement Project

Local Business Engagement Project

Community Engagement Project

More Club Wide Functions