Welcome to Huddle... Our exciting new programme to grow the girls' game
2 May 2019

Welcome to Huddle... Our exciting new programme to grow the girls' game


Welcome to Huddle.

The exciting new programme created to catapult us towards our target of 20,000 female footballers in Wales by 2024.

In 2018, we celebrated as the girls’ game grew by 17% here in Wales. But now we want more!

So, we’ve created Huddle, a new concept designed to grow the girls’ game further by helping us meet the ever increasing demand and creating an environment where young female footballers will thrive.

We want clubs to collaborate with us and create huddles, across Wales, where girls can express themselves as they fall in love with football.

Our research tells us girls typically have less confidence than boys when it comes to joining traditional sports clubs. So, for decades, we’ve relied on parents, siblings and school friends to bring girls to us. But all that is about to change!


Huddle will use the power of positive role models to inspire and empower girls, of all backgrounds and interests, proving that football is truly a game for all.

It also gives us an exciting opportunity to capitalise on the growing global interest in female football.

At this stage, we want clubs who want to join us on this exciting journey to come forward.

Is your club interested in hosting a Huddle?

Click here to contact Football Development Manager Katy Evans