'I'd never let my size stop me playing the game I love' | Wales U15 star Libby Isaac
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2 May 2018

'I'd never let my size stop me playing the game I love' | Wales U15 star Libby Isaac

Libby Isaac broke into the Wales U15 side this season and has since gone from strength to strength since.

The Newtown High School pupil, who first played football competitively for Newtown White Stars Boys, now represents TNS Ladies.

‘Football is massively enjoyable for me.’ The 14-year-old said.

‘I love playing and training and everything about it, and to represent my country is just a massive honour, really, so I’m very happy.

‘I’ve always played football, always, wherever I can with whoever will play with me. I used to play football with my brothers, but I just got into football on my own really, kicking the ball around the garden, around the street, whatever way I could, I’ve just always played football as much as I can.’

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In the 2018 Bob Docherty Cup, Libby looked small compared to the opposing centre-backs who towered over her, but she didn’t let that stop her as she made a big impact in the tournament.

‘I do have to work harder because I’m quite small.

‘I’m not as strong as bigger players, perhaps, but I’m quick, I’m passionate and I never really let my height or the fact that I’m not as tall as other players yet hold me back – why should I?

‘It is a disadvantage, obviously, but I’m fearless in football, I really want to win and I just really enjoy playing, so I’m not going to let the fact that I’m a bit smaller at the moment stop me from doing what I want to do and what I love doing!’


Playing football without any fear, loving representing her country and always giving 100% effort to the team, Libby has earned unanimous praise from her coaches and those who have witnessed her in action, but what would she say to any potential young girls who were considering trying their talents at The Beautiful Game?

‘If there any young girls out there wanting to give football a go, my honest advice would be just to go for it – you don’t have to take it seriously or train every day or anything like that, just get involved in football with your friends or with a club and you’ll love it, it is really enjoyable.


Every women’s football player inspires me, to be honest, because the game for girls is getting much more popular and it is great to see so many women’s players really trying to push the game and make sure more young girls get involved.

‘I love watching Lionel Messi, he’s small too but he definitely doesn’t let that stop him. Fran Kirby is a big inspiration, but so are all of Wales’ women’s players because they’re who I want to be in the future. We as a team are trying to follow in their footsteps and achieve good things.

‘My mum and my family inspire me too, they’re so supportive and it is really nice – they come to as many games as they can, and it is brilliant to have their support.’