FAW C Certificate Education continues for coaches
3 June 2020

FAW C Certificate Education continues for coaches

With the current @FawCoachEd C Certificate courses being put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have looked at innovative ways to continue to support our candidates towards completing their FAW coach education.  

We currently have 147 coaches taking part in an active FAW C Certificate and to support their on-going education and being able to work towards completing their course during the current climate, we have provided the necessary educational hours via various webinars and an amended programme of study.

The coaches have been given access to all online modules and tasks which they can complete in their own time. The tasks have been adapted to challenge candidates appropriately with their thoughts and ideas as they are not in a position to deliver practically. We are pleased to see that there has been a significant rise in candidates completing their distance learning tasks over the last few weeks.

However, the distance learning is only one part of the course, and the key areas are the practical days. To coincide with the amended programme of study, the Level 2 Coach Education Team and FAW Level 2 Coach Educators, delivered six webinars covering content based around the pillars we have not been able to deliver on course, which included specific information around psychological and physical considerations when coaching our players.

All candidates in attendance showed a great appetite to continue their learning and get back into thinking as a coach as it has been sometime now since anyone has delivered a session. We also learnt many new ideas as coach educators in terms of how we can use these new tools to support coaches in the future, which has also led us to understanding how best we can conclude the candidates journey and complete contact 5.  

Therefore, moving forward, across July and August candidates will be provided an opportunity to discuss their planned contact 5 session with an allocated mentor, who will look to challenge the coach, provide guidance and support so each individual will be in a position to attain specific feedback regarding their session. Each candidate will also receive a comprehensive session plan regarding how they have organised the session, based around the key factors we have covered on course, including practice layout and transition, communication and realism within a practice.  

We look forward to supporting the candidates over the next couple of months to attain their FAW C Certificate qualification. 

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