Performance Analysis


Performance analysis is the systemic observation, recording and interpretation of events and actions during matches and training, with the purpose of modifying and improving future performance. 

Analysis techniques and technology provide coaches with an objective view of  performance and can facilitate the feedback process to players in order to enhance learning. 

The analysts work closely with the coaching staff and our analysis work is applied at every stage of the coaching process.

#TeamAnalysis are responsible for providing performance analysis support to all the FAW and FAW Trust national and regional squads -  that’s 18 squads in total! 

The work includes Wales team analysis, opposition analysis, individual analysis for player development, longitudinal data trends and best practice resources.

We are also responsible for providing video support to the Coach Education and Coach Mentoring programmes of the FAW Trust and in particular delivery of the FAW/UEFA A Licence and the FAW/UEFA Pro Licence. 

The work includes technical support for coach mentors, filming and archiving footage, undertaking research projects and producing educational resources.                                                                                                                    

This video highlights some of the work undertaken by #TeamAnalysis:

 FAW / FAW Trust Performance Analysis Student Placement Scheme

The FAW Trust Performance Analysis team have provided opportunities for students through short-term work experience, longer placements and full-time internships for a decade. 

In that time, we have recognised not only the mutually beneficial value of the placements but also  importantly, that the more we invest in aspiring analysts, the greater the return.  

Performance analysis in football is a notoriously difficult industry in which to work and as a national governing body, we feel a responsibility to help provide analysts of the future with the necessary skills and experiences required to succeed.

We have recently introduced a new placement scheme with a focus on developing the  student analyst alongside their academic studies.

  • Developing analysis skills along a formalised, progressive pathway
  • Investing in the student analyst through training and mentoring
  • Providing aspiring analysts with the opportunity to become ‘work-ready’

We believe this new progressive placement pathway will provide students with stage by stage skill acquisition, together with the full spectrum of experiences required to forge a career in performance analysis.

We currently have students on placement with us from the following establishments:


Kickstart your Career

Many students have used our placement schemes and internships to kickstart their professional analysis careers.  Students who have utilised these opportunities in the past have gone on to work at a range of clubs and organisations, both home and abroad, including:

Cardiff City FC, Swansea City AFC, Wrexham AFC, Newport County AFC, Liverpool FC, Nottingham Forest FC, Bolton Wanderers FC, AS Monaco, the FA and the FAW Trust.


For further information regarding the FAW / FAW Trust Performance Analysis Placement Scheme

Please contact Head of Performance Analysis Esther Wills