UEFA A Licence

Here's what you learn on our FAW/UEFA A Licence course.


This residential course aims to educate candidates in the technical, tactical, physical and mental requirements of modern football.

The course develops candidates' ability to devise, organise, conduct and evaluate coaching sessions in advanced skills, tactics, strategies and systems of play.

It will also give an understanding of how to apply modern methods for sports science and sports medicine.

Kevin Nolan (UEFA A Licence graduate)

"The course is very challenging and has taken many hours to complete but it's worth it, especially for me trying to climb the managerial ladder.

It's helped me massively and shown a different light on the game.

It's also been very enjoyable and I'm very grateful to the FAW staff for all the knowledge they've passed on to me.
The best thing about the course is the confidence it's given me. I can walk into a room and not have those jitters in front of a group of players.

If anyone ever asked, I would always show them to this course because everything about it is first class."

– Kevin Nolan, UEFA A Licence graduate
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