FAW Foundation Awards

The FAW Football Leaders Award is an eight-hour practical day following on from five online modules.

The course is designed to provide a basic introduction to the organisation of football practices in a fun, safe environment, with an emphasis on engaging with young players.

This is a mandatory award for all coaches involved in junior football in Wales and will be supported with post-course online resources.

Carol Williams, FAW Football Leaders Award graduate

"I love coaching for the enjoyment the kids get out of it.

They keep turning up every week and they always enjoy it. It's just great.

I'm always looking for new ideas to help keep the kids involved, keep their enthusiasm up and keep them coming back.

I love sharing ideas with other coaches and adapting them for my own players."

– Carol Williams, FAW Football Leaders Graduate
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Our other foundation awards, workshops and conferences...

FAW Goalkeepers Award

A six-hour practical course following on from your 5 Online Modules, providing a basic introduction to the Organisation and delivery of goalkeeper specific activities for our next generation of players.

The course will focus on developing candidate skills in the Organisation of practices in a fun, safe, learning environment and additional post-course electronic course resource(s) provided.

FAW Futsal Award

A 3 hour practical coaching course following on from your 5 Online Modules, providing an introduction to the key concepts of Futsal. Content will include key techniques, skills and tactics, example coaching practices, an understanding of the Laws of the Game and how Futsal should be played.

FAW Safeguarding Award

A three-hour interactive on-course workshop to support candidates in developing good practice when working with children and vulnerable adults from across our sport.

The workshop will focus on identifying poor practice and recognising signs, symptoms and forms of abuse and how to react to concerns or disclosures. It will also provide advice on how to identify people and organisations that can help and provide support in such situations.

FAW Coaching Footballers with a Disability Award

A six-hour practical course following on from your 5 Online Modules, providing coaches with an insight into adapting coaching sessions for disabled footballers in a fun and safe environment. The course will assist, supplement and support the coaches existing experiences in this field.

FAW Grassroots Coaching Conference

The 6-hour FAW Revalidation Conference, the showpiece of our regional foundation calendar is delivered annually within all 6 of our area associations across Wales, provides candidates with an opportunity to gain an insight into the development of our national game and attain further information and practical examples via a guest speaker.

This will count towards your CPD hours to support revalidation of your level 1 and 2 awards, all conferences are Free of Charge to attend.

FAW First Aid Award

A three-hour course developing an awareness of first aid techniques within a football environment, supporting key basic life support information for coaches and additional post-course electronic course resource(s) provided. www.firstaid4sport.co.uk

McDonalds Revalidation Workshop

A range of local workshops that aim to provide support and information for coaches working at grassroots level with junior clubs in Wales. The courses also form part of the FAW revalidation requirements and will be delivered via FAW accredited tutors and/or leading Professional club coaches from across Welsh Football.

Internal Coach Education Awards

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