The FAW Coaching Journey


The FAW Trust is delivering more coaching courses than ever, with the aim of making all programmes of study accessible to all.

Good coaches are vital to the development of football in Wales.

They provide the knowledge for players to succeed at every level and play a pivotal role in the development of our young players.

Whether you want to coach at a top professional club, in an academy programme or on a Sunday morning at grassroots level, the FAW Trust offers courses for candidates at all levels through our extensive coach education programme.

Through our programmes, we develop coaches through technical, tactical and medical courses. Each course is delivered by fully accredited and qualified staff to provide thorough, professional advice and support throughout training.

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All courses are conducted in a friendly and open manner with emphasis placed on the sharing of experiences and views.

Candidates enrolling on courses should be open minded to new ideas and be open to share opinions and views on subjects covered throughout their training.

Becoming a coach and stepping on to the coach education ladder will involve a number of support mechanisms such as on-course support by our range of tutors, affiliated junior league coaches gaining financial support from Sport Wales and Community Chest Funding, which can be accessed through your local club or school.

Coaching Case Studies

Carol Williams, FAW Football Leaders graduate

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More details on our FAW Football Leaders Award

"I love coaching for the enjoyment the kids get out of it.
They keep turning up every week and they always enjoy it. It's just great.
I'm always looking for new ideas to help keep the kids involved, keep their enthusiasm up and keep them coming back.
I love sharing ideas with other coaches and adapting them for my own players."

– Carol Williams, FAW Football Leaders Graduate

Thierry Henry, UEFA Pro Licence graduate


"The Pro Licence course has had a massive impact on me as a coach.
It put me out of my comfort zone and was very challenging but, within the rules, the FAW let me fly and express myself.
The main thing this course has taught me is that ultimately, I'm going to be manager that I want to be, not a clone of somebody else.
Everybody on the course has different ideas and it's good to open your mind to different cultures and views.
I learned alongside some Welsh Premier League managers who operate in a different world to the one that I know.
I have learned a lot about the different ways they've tried to break the dominance of TNS.
I also learned a lot from the likes Mikel Arteta, who sits on the bench next to Pep Guardiola.
At the end of the day, we all shared the same passion and desire for the game and wanting to learn more about it."

– Thierry Henry, Former Premier League player

Sion Gates, FAW C Certificate graduate

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"I coach Machynlleth Hurricanes U10s and the C Certificate helped me to learn different ways that young players develop over different stages of their lives.
The course gave me a real insight into how to plan sessions to get the most out of my players.
I now have lots of drills to help develop them and we can do sessions using the Welsh Way principles, such as breaking lines and switching play."

– Sion Gates, FAW C Certificate graduate

Kevin Nolan, UEFA A Licence graduate

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"The course is very challenging and has taken many hours to complete but it's worth it, especially for me trying to climb the managerial ladder.

It's helped me massively and shown a different light on the game.
It's also been very enjoyable and I'm very grateful to the FAW staff for all the knowledge they've passed on to me.
The best thing about the course is the confidence it's given me. I can walk into a room and not have those jitters in front of a group of players.
If anyone ever asked, I would always show them to this course because everything about it is first class."

– Kevin Nolan, Former Premier League player

Kayleigh Green, UEFA B Licence graduate


"The B Licence course put me outside my comfort zone but I learned so much.
I've learned lots on and off the pitch, especially about setting up sessions and creating new drills to develop players.
I find classroom work difficult so the structure of this course really helped me to understand what I needed to do each day.
The advice from the mentors was great throughout and I say to anybody thinking of doing this course, it's 100% worth it."

– Kayleigh Green, Wales International

How to sign-up for a course

Full purchase of the course should be made through the shop at

The courses are designed to deliver the theoretical elements for your coaching training.
It is specially designed to work alongside your practical sessions to ensure your knowledge and understanding is up to date before you undertake your practical delivery.
This ensures your training is delivered in a balanced and flexible way.
Once you have successfully completed all of the online theory courses, attended the practical assessments and completed the evaluation form, your tutor will mark you as complete.

After this an electronic certificate will become available on your profile which you can then print out.

For more information please contact our coach education team at Dragon Park on 01633 282 911