Girlguiding Cymru Partnership

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The FAW Trust has partnered with Girlguiding Cymru, the leading charity for girls and young women in Wales to give girls in Wales the opportunity to learn about football and develop new skills.
It's 18,000 members will have access to a brand new challenge pack which promotes the women's
game. The new partnership aims to raise awareness of women's football and encourages more girls to
get involved.

Girlguiding Cymru | FAW Trust Partnership
Girlguiding Cymru | FAW Trust Partnership
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Girls and volunteers will be able to earn a challenge badge by completing several challenges related
to football. There are eight sections to encourage the girls to think about health and fitness as well
as ball skills and knowledge of the Welsh team.
FAW Trust is supporting Girlguiding Cymru members by offering a series of football festivals
throughout Wales to enable girls and volunteers to take part in the game.
Girlguiding Cymru's Chief Commissioner, Bev Martin said: "We've adapted and listened to our young
members. They want new and exciting opportunities that champion gender equality. Girls can play
football too".
Girlguiding's Girls Attitude Survey 2020 revealed most (86%) girls and young women aged 7 to 21 think
women in Sport are good role models for girls, and seven in ten (70%) say seeing women in Sport use
their bodies powerfully makes them feel inspired. This partnership promotes confidence in young
women and girls. 2021 is the year to tackle gender stereotyping and challenge perceptions of
women's football.


FAW Trust Football Development Manager Katy Evans said: “We are delighted to be working
with Girlguiding Cymru to provide girls with the opportunities and experiences to play and learn
about football in a safe, friendly and fun environment. We know the importance of trying new
activities with friends, hence we are excited about bringing football to girls in their established social
circles. After a hugely successful football event in 2019 with Girlguiding Gwent, we knew we had to
build on that momentum to bring football to all Girlguiding sections across Wales. We want to break
gender stereotypes and promote the positive effects that football has and to give girls more
opportunities to participate in football in whichever way they feel comfortable to do. With many
restrictions still in place across Wales, we are pleased to be able to offer digital activities and
resources for Girlguiding members to engage with football at home.