Fun Football Provider Platform - Form

* Please refer to your McDonald's / FAW Fun Football Charter Scheme Application pack if you require more details.

Fun Football Charter Scheme Site Visits

The following quality standards criteria will be assessed during the site visits:

Safeguarding Criteria

Do all your staff display their FAW Safeguarding Cards at all times?

Administration and Management of Risk Criteria

Will you conduct a risk assessment of the facilities, equipment, coaches and players prior to every session? Is there a telephone access within close proximity? Will you ensure all children dress appropriately for football activity? Do you complete an attendance register at the beginning and end of each session?

Facilities Criteria

Are changing rooms and toilets available and secure? Are there appropriate plans for adverse weather conditions? Is there an enclosed eating area available? Are all goalposts you use in a suitable condition, safe and securely weighted down? Is there a telephone access within close proximity? Are all playing areas/surfaces you use of a suitable size and free from any obstructions or hazards? Are all facilities used ambulance accessible?

Equipment Criteria

Does the organisation possess all the necessary equipment per session outlined in the list below: * Minimum of 20 training bibs (2 different colours) * Minimum of 50 markers cones (5 different colours) * Suitably sized footballs relevant to the players age * Minimum of 1 football for every 2 players * Pump * Fully stocked First Aid Kit Is all equipment appropriately sized for the age ranges involved and in good working order?

Coaching Staff and Technical Programme Criteria

Will you adhere to the minimum player coach ratio of 16:1 with two adults present at all times? Will you ensure completion of a suitable technical programme for every course/session?