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Welcome to Footie Families, the programme designed for parents and their young children to play together and engage in fun activities, to help develop fundamental movement skills.
Before playing football, or any sport, our little ones need to develop a broad range of skills. Fundamental movement skills, such as balancing, jumping, throwing and kicking are the building blocks of movement and they are essential for children’s participation in physical activity throughout life.
Research shows that children who move well, achieve more academically so this programme will also help with school readiness. Parents are the most important influence on a child’s physical activity levels so by playing together and practicing skills through Footie Families, children will have the a great start to an active life.


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Our collaboration with the Wales Academy for Health & Physical Literacy at UWTSD

Footie Families has been developed by Dr Nalda Wainwright, Director of the Wales Academy for Health & Physical Literacy and the FAW-Trust. Dr Wainwright is an internationally recognised expert in the field of Physical Literacy. Her research into the Foundation Phase curriculum in Wales led to the development of a programme, SKIP Cymru© (Successful Kinaesthetic Instruction for Pre-schoolers in Wales) in collaboration with Professor Jackie Goodway of The Ohio State University. This programme supports the development of physical literacy in the crucial time of early childhood. This work has been recognised internationally as well being a recommendation in the Welsh Government Health and Social Care and Sport Committee report on Physical Activity of Children and Young People. Footie Families draws on the work of SKIP-Cymru© and incorporates structured play-based activities for parents and their children facilitated by specifically trained coaches.

Click here to read more about the Wales Academy for Health & Physical Literacy and the importance of movement

The Importance of Moving in the Early Years – Wales Academy for Health and Physical Literacy

Moving in the Early Years. Children are not moving as much as they used to years ago. They are spending more time watching TV and playing on computer games, IPads and phones. Visit

Research Project
With this collaboration, a PhD research project focuses on evaluating how Footie Families supports parents in improving pre-school children’s motor development as well as improving family's physical activity levels. Currently, this research is focussing on how parents feel that the lockdown period has impacted their children's physical activity levels so we are looking for parents of 2-5 year olds to take part in a 20 minute zoom chat.
Click here for more information about the research project and how you can support this project.