Welcome to Disney Playmakers
13 June 2022

Welcome to Disney Playmakers

A fun and safe introduction to football for 5-8 year old girls, using the magic of Disney!

11.05.2022 Cymru Disney playmakers montage - No Quiz
11.05.2022 Cymru Disney playmakers montage - No Quiz

We have committed to bringing a host of Disney stories to life by introducing the inspiring UEFA Disney Playmakers Programme to schools across Wales.

With stories like Incredibles 2, Frozen 2 and Moana, this programme allows girls aged 5-8 to try football for the first time in a fun and safe environment. Allowing girls and their teachers to work together to learn new skills, support, encourage and more importantly enjoy football.

Not only does this programme provide opportunity to learn the basic football skills. Inline with the curriculum in Wales this programme supports the girls to become ambitious and capable learners through the development of specific life skills and the understanding of specific values to create creative, confident contributors with an understanding of the importance of physical literacy.

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Each session provides the girls the opportunity to:
• Become creative decision makers when setting the scene
• Challenge, support, communicate and encourage each other through working as a team to perform the drills
• Solve problems that arise throughout the story, whilst facing and overcoming challenges
• Lead and play different roles within the story as individuals and as a team
• Express ideas and emotions through designated reflection time
• Build their mental and emotional well-being through developing life skills such as confidence, resilience and empathy
• Take part in physical activity
• Form positive relationships with teachers, peers and children in different year groups

Primary Schools
FAW Trust is in the process of building a trusted network of Primary Schools across Wales to become UEFA Disney Playmakers deliverers, and provide weekly extra-curricular girls only activity within the school environment.

Requirements for Primary Schools
• Minimum of 1 Teacher to attend training, and to be a programme lead for the school (1x Online session (evening), 1 x Full Day in-person session, 1 x Online session on data collection (evening)
• Support from the Head Teacher & School
• Committed to delivery 3 Blocks of 8 weekly extra curricular activity per year
• Openness and willingness to utilise and provide data through data collection system
Upshot. All data is managed appropriately in accordance with GDPR legislation and
personal information is kept confidential and only viewable by selected school staff
• Passionate about providing opportunity for girls only intervention
• Target 25 girls between 5-8 Years across each 3 Blocks of 8 weeks

Benefits for Primary Schools
• FAW Trust Teacher Training – Bespoke to the programme for up to to 2 teachers/staff
• Equipment Pack worth over £400 (Bibs, Balls, Cones, Equipment Bag).
• Branded Resources: Coaching Guide & Activity Pack for girls. Incredibles 2, Frozen 2 &
• Support from Local Authority & FAW Trust Staff.
• Mentoring Support from Local Authority.
• Branded promotion assets.
• Online Network Forum to connect with other schools delivering the programme.
• FREE TO ENTER Celebratory events & festivals

For more information on the UEFA Disney Playmakers Programme across Wales

please contact