Managing Volunteers

Volunteers really are at the heart of our game and they are the ones who make football happen, football would not be as successful as it is without them. 

However, we are aware that there is more and more pressure on volunteers and people’s time and so we need to be proactive in helping clubs to recruit and support new volunteers to help grow the game further. 

There are a host of roles that need to be filled to make sure people can enjoy football - from being that first person to positively welcome new members into the club, committee members, coaches, officials, people running social media accounts to the critical taxi drivers and those who wash the kit – there is something for everyone. 

Volunteer Coordinator 

Each week, thousands of people give their time and enthusiasm to ensure football is played in Wales from grassroots to elite level. Most clubs wouldn’t function without their volunteers. So it’s a really good idea to make sure we place a huge emphasis on volunteer recruitment, development, support and rewards. One way of doing this is to appoint a Volunteer Coordinator. A club needs to have a Volunteer Coordinator in place to meet Silver, Gold and Platinum accreditation standards.   

Coaching Coordinator  

To help support the coaches within your club, a Coaching Coordinator can act as the figurehead for a club’s coaching provision ensuring a consistent philosophy and approach across all levels within the club. A club needs to have a Coaching Coordinator in place to meet Silver (C Certificate qualified), Gold (B Licence qualified) and Platinum (B Licence qualified) accreditation standards. 

OFF-PITCH WORKFORCE (Non-coaching roles)  

On the pitch the coach is expected to motivate players, individually and as a team. Off 

it the human resource management of people and volunteers must be regarded with equal 

importance. Each club may have its own individual culture, but the successful ones are very much 

aware of the importance of developing a stimulating environment for the club volunteers across the 

board and this does not happen by itself. Having the right people in place drives the direction of the club and ensures the clubs vision can be achieved.  

Volunteer Hub 

We recognise the value of the wider workforce in running and developing football and for that reason, have launched the FAW Trust Volunteer Hub, which is a web application for willing volunteers to register their interest to clubs who advertise their vacancies.