More than a Club Programme
24 May 2018

More than a Club Programme

Community football clubs need to adopt a new mindset and learn a new skill set - taking the best from successful social enterprises and the hospitality sector. 

They must recognise that football operates in the experience business and that it's competing for people's leisure time and money.

Our clubs need to lure people away from Love Island, shopping centres or apathy by providing exciting experiences.

This is why we are launching a two-year support, training and award programme for their workforce and enterprising community football clubs across Wales.

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Head of Football Development Caroline Spanton said: "I have been impressed with the engagement and enterprise across community football in Wales.

"Clubs are growing and becoming community hubs that are really welcoming places. it's all very exciting and we're playing our part."

"We acknowledge that all community clubs are facing strong challenges to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

"Changes in people's lifestyles, consumer habits and expectations are creating challenges and opportunities. We're getting ready to overcome the first and exploit the latter."

"We should do more to encourage new thinking on how to attract new members and retain existing ones, become real community hubs, grow sponsorship revenue, improve the social life of the club, increase media coverage, benefit from new technology, introduce new revenue streams and ensure that our clubs are open and welcoming to all audiences."

The comprehensive programme includes

  • Staff development programme
  • Sports Marketing Network mentor support to a selected number of Focus clubs
  • FAW Trust staff mentor support to Priority Club
  • Club Workshops
  • Webinars
  • 'How to' Guides
  • Best practice e-newsletters

Some of the content of the programme includes

  • Grow your club
  • Better leadership at your club
  • More players at your club
  • More volunteers at your club
  • Improving your environment
  • Generating more income
  • Raise the profile of your club
  • Your club as a hub for the community

The programme is being developed and delivered by Svend Elkjaer of Sports Marketing Network ('SMN') who has considerable experience in helping community sports organisations and clubs to become innovative and enterprising. 

More than 4,000 sports clubs have participated in a program delivered by SMN across the UK and in Denmark and clients include Cricket Scotland, London Sport, Copenhagen City Council and Sport Wales.

Mr Elkjaer said: "This exciting programme for FAW Trust includes a number of elements all designed to help to support and develop the Football Development Managers  and the community football clubs across Wales to widen their scope and become more enterprising."

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Key areas for club development

  • Encouraging clubs to develop better relationships within their communities leading to more players, customers, partners and local people becoming involved
  • Working with diverse groups across society to develop an even more inclusive and welcoming sport which is relevant to people's lives
  • Helping clubs to broaden their appeal and for their clubs to become hubs for their communities
  • Developing relationships with community partners, from education, housing, youth and ethnic groups to engage new people
  • Working across the sport to promote better use of social and digital marketing tools for communication

Need more information on the programme?

Contact Football Development Manager Aled Lewis