FAW Club Accreditation

A guide to helping your club set the best standards for members and the community.


What is club accreditation?

Our club accreditation programme helps us to grow the game, in a safe, effective and responsible manner.

The aim of the scheme is to raise standards at every junior club in Wales' six area associations, so parents can be confident in the care their children will receive at their chosen clubs.

We do this by ensuring clubs have more and better coaches, all qualifications are valid and the provision and procedures in place are conducive to positive experiences for all our players.

The results of our Club Accreditation survey say 74% of clubs felt that club accreditation had a positive impact on club development by raising coaching standards, increasing the profile of the club and improving club structures.

Our Club Accreditation Criteria explains what clubs need to achieve for Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Standard level accreditation

In achieving an accreditation level, each club will get access to a tiered rewards package to recognise their achievements but also incentivise them to gain a higher level. 

Why does my club need accreditation? 

It is the best way to demonstrate to parents of potential players, future coaches and volunteers as well as your local community that your club is well-run club. That it meets FAW coaching and safeguarding standards and is attractive to join and be a part of.  

It also holds huge importance because without it,  clubs are unable to play the game.

Great. So how can my club get involved? 

Step 1 | Speak to your Football Development Manager / League Accreditation Officer to gain further insight and information.

Step 2 | Review the Club Accreditation Criteria

Step 3 | Work towards ensuring you need all the criteria for one of the levels of accreditation.

Step 4 | Submit an FAW Club Accreditation application through COMET.


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