What is walking football and how do I get involved?
19 July 2016

What is walking football and how do I get involved?

Welcome to the football craze you probably didn't know about

After appearing in a popular article written by The Telegraph this week, walking football has been brought to the attention of many for the first time.

Here at the FAW Trust, we've been running and playing the game for many years.

But what is it? Here we explain all...

Walking Football is recognised by the Football Association of Wales as an inclusive small sided format of the game.

It offers the opportunity to maximise participation for all groups and to encourage sustained participation for players of all abilities.

The benefits

Iwan Williams, communities, Local Government and wellbeing lead at Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, says: "Walking football is a great way for older people to stay fit and active in later life.

"In terms of physical health, there are many benefits associated with walking football, including improvements in cardiovascular fitness, help with weight loss, strengthen bones and muscles, and reduce blood pressure.

"Walking football also has mental health benefits, improving social opportunities and interaction and in turn help reduce loneliness and isolation, particularly amongst older men.”

Basic Rules

A team size of 5 or 6 a-side is recommended.

The team size can be altered based on the number of participants relative to the size of the playing area.

A size 4 or 5 football is recommended but should be appropriate to the age group and ability level of the players. A futsal ball can be used on a suitable playing surface.

Walking Football may be played on pitches with or without barriers, indoors or outdoors.

It is recommended that a 12ft x 6ft Mini Goal or a 3m x 2m Futsal Goal be used.

Any number of substitutes may be used at any time.

No sliding tackles are allowed at any time.

A height restriction rule can be introduced if appropriate and agreed prior to play.

Goalkeepers can handle the ball in their goal area and there are no restrictions on the number of steps they may take holding the ball.

The Goalkeeper cannot leave the goal area - Should they do so the opposing team receives a direct free kick from the penalty mark.

How do I get involved?

Click here to email senior partnership manager Rob Franklin or give him a call on 01633 282911

What is walking football and how do I get involved?
What is walking football and how do I get involved?