Welsh Premier League Academy clubs Futsal winter break underway
6 December 2013

Welsh Premier League Academy clubs Futsal winter break underway

Clubs to play Futsal in December and January

With winter now upon us and the increased chances of poor weather affecting football fixtures for young players in Wales, the WPL academy clubs will convert to Futsal fixtures for the months of December and January.

All 23 clubs from across the country that play as part of the academy programme will deliver Futsal coaching sessions during this period and play Futsal fixtures. This is the fourth season that teams from the academy programme have used Futsal and have set the trend for teams across the border to follow suit. High profile academies from English Premier League clubs such as Swansea, Cardiff, Arsenal, Manchester United etc. also now play Futsal during the winter as part of their fixture calendar.

Futsal Development Officer Richard Gunney commented "Futsal for young players in Wales and across the UK is becoming more popular and it is really encouraging that all our WPL academy teams are leading the way and using Futsal as a development tool during the winter. The awareness of the game is increasing with more and more players and coaches experiencing the game. The important thing is that the players continue to play football during this time and develop their game. By playing Futsal the nature of the game means that the players will be challenged to play in confined spaces under pressure and test them technically, tactically and physically. In addition the games are very fast paced which makes the games exciting for the players."