Welsh Football Trust FAQ's
11 August 2015

Welsh Football Trust FAQ's


This list of ‘Frequently asked Questions’ attempts to provide answers to some of the most common queries we receive at centrally at Dragon Park and out in the field by our staff. The aim of this document is to help people find the right answers to common questions and queries quickly and effectively after the Welsh Football Trust restructure. This should be read in conjunction with the previously distributed communication to partners and organisation chart.

Coach Education

Coach Education will now be administered and coordinated centrally from Dragon Park. Our restructure has seen a significant realignment of staffing resource to support coach education and development moving forward to help us fulfil our ambition to be a ‘World Class Coaching Nation’. Level 1 Coach Education Calendars are available on the Trust website with clear guidance on the procedure for course registration. Courses will continue to be delivered at Level 1 and 2 on a local and regional basis.

Further in formation and contact details for coach education can be found later in this FAQ in the Coach Education section.

Growth Team and Grassroots Development

The Welsh Football Trust growth team is here to develop the game with a strong focus on growth in participation, if you need our support then please contact us. Our focus moving forward will be to support and develop a range of partners to deliver football development activities across Wales. We will be prioritising our support in grassroots football to projects that assist us to grow the game and meet our core strategic targets. In addition we will be working closely with clubs, leagues and partners to focus on retention of players aged 12 to 16.

Our development work will be the responsibility of our growth team overseen by Jamie Clewer as Head of Growth. Operationally this will be led by our senior partnership managers who will take the strategic lead on regional plan development and delivery. In addition, they will be supported by our partnership managers who will manage the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of work by our development partners identified within our regional plans.

If you want to discuss a project or development you think can help us achieve our growth ambitions please contact the relevant partnership manager, details are below.

Head of Growth

Facility Development

Jamie Clewer: [email protected]

Facility Development

Kevin Moon – [email protected]

Senior Partnership Manager

Rob Franklin – [email protected]

West Wales

Colin Staples – [email protected]
Debbie Wise – [email protected]

South Wales

Jamie Sherwood – [email protected]
Mizan Rahman – [email protected]
(Will support work in this area in addition to West and Gwent as required)


Andy Pask – [email protected]

Central Wales

Eleri Williams – [email protected]

North Wales

Mike Parry – [email protected]

Growth Team Administrator

Tom Keohane – [email protected]

Area Associations

The grassroots game is governed on a regional basis by the Area Associations, contact details of all associations can be found on their websites. The questions below will signpost you to the Area Associations when relevant and indicate the best person to speak to for assistance.

South Wales FA - www.southwalesfa.co.uk
Gwent County FA - www.gwentfa.co.uk
West Wales FA - wwfa.org.uk
Central Wales FA – www.cwfa.co.uk
North East Wales FA - www.newfa.co.uk
North Wales Coast FA – www.nwcfa.pitchero.com

Junior leagues organise football on a local basis and their contact details are in the first question below in the first instance via Area Association websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grassroots Development

How can my son or daughter join a club/team?

The Welsh Football Trust has a database of accredited clubs on our website www.welshfootballtrust.org.uk/AccreditedClubs these are clubs that have met the standards of the accreditation programme. If your club would like to be listed please complete the form on the following link www.welshfootballtrust.org.uk/ClubDetailsForm and we will verify your information prior to posting.

For the most up to date information, affiliated mini and junior club football is organised under a number of junior leagues across Wales for boys and girls. If you want to find a club near you the secretary of the junior league will be able to assist or the league website will provide relevant contact details of clubs within your local area. For contact details for your local junior league please check the relevant Area Association website.

Junior League contacts -

South Wales FA - here
Gwent County FA - here
West Wales FA - here
Central Wales FA – Junior leagues (towards bottom of page) – here, Junior Clubs - here
North East Wales FA - here
North Wales Coast FA – Junior leagues (towards bottom of the page) - here, Junior Clubs - here

How do I setup a new football club/team (boys, girls or disability)?

A number of resources exist on both the FAW and The Welsh Football Trust website to help with the effective running and setup of new and existing clubs. Please note all clubs must meet the criteria of Standard Award of the FAW Club Accreditation Programme prior to entry to a junior league in Wales. For help and support please check out:

For new club start up help and advice –


For comprehensive policies and processes –


If you would like particular support with recruiting players with a disability please visit the Disability Sport Wales website for local contacts:


For help with identifying funding please see the next question….

Where can I get funding for my club?

The most suitable source of small funding for clubs in Wales is the Community Chest grant administered locally by all Local Authorities across Wales. This grant offers up to £1500 in any 12 month period towards projects that Increase participation and Improve standards in sport. It is important that activity in the grant application is new.

More information can be found at www.sportwales.org.uk/funding--support/our-grants/community-chest. On this web page you will find an application form and local authority contacts with panel dates for grant assessment throughout the year. Sport Wales also offer development grants for larger projects including small scale capital projects further information about this grant can be found here http://sportwales.org.uk/funding--support/our-grants/development-grant.

A simple search for ‘funding for community sport’ or similar related searches on the internet will provide a number of different potential sources of grant funding. It is worth checking regularly as many grant schemes operate for short periods of the year. For example some large companies and businesses invest money in community projects from time to time to connect with local communities

How does my club get accredited?

The FAW Club Accreditation Scheme is changing ahead of the 2015/16 season. Further information on the new approach will be communicated to clubs via the junior league they are members of. Junior leagues will receive guidance and support from the FAW and Welsh Football Trust on the process of accreditation for clubs ahead of the scheme commencing for the forthcoming season. All clubs are required to meet the criteria of standard award by the 1st September each year.

Please can you advise me on the rules of Mini Football?

The Welsh Football Trust website contains many useful resources to help coaches and teams with the setup and structure of Mini Football including a number of video resources to show the rules of the game. For further information please visit www.welshfootballtrust.org.uk/MiniFootball . A copy of the regulations governing mini football can be downloaded here also. Further support and training on the concept of Mini Football and the benefits of small sided games can be gained from our coach education programme.

Can the Welsh Football Trust attend our meeting to discuss development of….

The Welsh Football Trust is here to develop the game, if you need our support then please contact us. Our focus moving forward will be to support and develop a range of partners to deliver football development activities across Wales. We will be prioritising our support in grassroots football to projects that assist us to grow the game and meet our core strategic targets. In addition we will be working closely with clubs, leagues and partners to focus on retention of players aged 12 to 16.

If you want to discuss a project or development you think can help us achieve our growth ambitions please contact the relevant partnership manager.

My team would like to play a friendly outside of Wales/enter a tournament outside of Wales, how do we get permission? We would like to play a friendly against a team from outside of Wales?

All enquiries and requests for permission to play competitive matches and friendlies outside of your sanctioned junior league matches must be referred to the Area Association that your club affiliates to. It is essential to gain this permission to ensure that public liability insurance covers this fixture. Also ensure that the opposition team have received confirmation of their permission to play the fixture.

My son/daughter isn’t allowed to play for the team they want to play for as it is outside of the boundaries of our local junior league area?

Any enquiries of this nature must be discussed with the relevant Area Association.

Can the Welsh Football Trust support events/our festival?

The Welsh Football Trust receives many requests for support with tournaments, festivals and events. Unfortunately it is not feasible for us to offer staff resource or freebies and gifts for clubs to distribute.


Can the Welsh Football Trust verify my DBS check?

The national safeguarding programme is managed and overseen by the FAW Compliance Department. DBS checks are administered and completed locally via a network of safeguarding officers across Wales. Each mini and junior club in Wales is required to have a safeguarding officer who is responsible for promoting best practice and undertaking DBS checks with coaches and volunteers within their club. So in the first instance please contact your club safeguarding officer to complete a DBS check. Club safeguarding officers are supported by a league safeguarding officer and in turn an Area Association safeguarding officer.

If you need further help and support please check www.faw.org.uk/safeguarding and then e-mail [email protected] if you require further guidance.

I have witnessed an issue at a game/training that I need to report?

You must report your concerns as soon as practically possible, Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. If you are worried about a child, within or outside the football setting, then you must act on your concerns.

Every club should have a Club Safeguarding Officer in place who will be able to offer you further advice and support should you become worried about a child at the club. If the matter is that of poor practice, the club may either deal with it internally or seek further advice from the Area Safeguarding Officer.

Very clear guidance on handling safeguarding concerns can be found at www.faw.org.uk/safeguarding-report-your-concern.

If your concern is more serious and you suspect possible child abuse, contact the FAW Safeguarding Team first, if you are unable to reach us, contact the Police or Social Services. If the child requires medical treatment, call an ambulance or take them to the hospital and be sure to advise that this a child protection concern.

If you are unable to contact your Club Safeguarding Officer, Area Safeguarding Officer or FAW Safeguarding Team and you require immediate advice, contact the NSPCC 24 hour Helpline for advice on 0808 800 5000.

I'm a referee and I’ve been told I need a DBS check what do I do?

Please speak to your Area Referee’s Officer in the first instance for further guidance. There is a network of Junior League and Area Association safeguarding officers who can also support. If you need further help and support please check www.faw.org.uk/safeguarding and then e-mail [email protected] if you require further guidance.


My club wants to develop a 3G pitch? Where can we get funding to develop a 3G pitch at our club?

A number of factors impact on the feasibility of 3G pitch development and therefore it is vitally important to take advice early in the process. Careful consideration should be given to developing the business case and understanding the sustainability of any 3G development long term before consideration can be given to potential sources of funding to contribute to the development of a facility. It may be more suitable for a club to connect or partner with other proposed developments in their locality such as the 21st Century Schools programme or a local authority development.

Please contact the Facilities and Collaboration Manager, Kevin Moon at the Welsh Football Trust on 01633 282911 or [email protected] for further advice.

I would like to book a pitch can you help?

The Welsh Football Trust cannot book facilities on behalf of third parties. Please contact the facility operator direct.

Volunteering and Workforce

I would like to volunteer, what opportunities are there locally for me?

Grassroots football is dependent on a cohort of committed volunteers who undertake a wide variety of roles from coaching to pitch maintenance. If you would like to volunteer we recommend contacting your local junior league to find out about local clubs in your area. It would be useful to have an idea of the time commitment you can give to volunteering and also where you think your skills and experience could contribute.

As part of our new strategy through till 2020 the Welsh Football Trust will be placing a strong emphasis on workforce development. This will include working with partners to recruit, train and deploy volunteers effectively to support growth and retention of participants. If you want to register your interest with us to be part of this programme please contact Jay Probert on [email protected].

I’m looking for paid coaching work?

The vast majority of grassroots football is run by volunteers. Paid coaching opportunities exist most often with football in the community departments at professional football clubs in the English league system and clubs within the Welsh Premier League. Other paid coaching roles do exist with Fun Football providers (commercial coaching companies) and local authorities for example.

The other opportunity for paid coaching work is via the player development structures however these roles are subject to eligibility criteria and relevant experience of the candidate.

Coach Education

I want the dates of a Football Leaders Award in my area? How do I register for a Football Leaders Award and other Level 1 courses?

Level 1 Coach Education Calendars will be available on the Trust website on the 12th June 2015 for the 2015/16 season with clear guidance on the procedure for course registration. The Level 1 course dates when live can be found here www.welshfootballtrust.org.uk/CourseCalendar

I can’t find information about Coach Education courses on the Welsh Football Trust website?

Course information including brief synopsis, dates and the registration process (please note that due to the duration and frequency of Level 2, 3 and 4 courses registration occurs at set times of the year) can be found here:

FAW C Certificate (Youth and Senior) - www.welshfootballtrust.org.uk/FAWCCertificate
FAW/UEFA B licence (Youth and Senior) - www.welshfootballtrust.org.uk/FAWUEFABLicence
FAW/UEFA A Licence Senior - www.welshfootballtrust.org.uk/FAWUEFAALicence
FAW A Licence Youth - www./welshfootballtrust.org.uk/FAWAYouthLicence
FAW Goalkeeping courses - www.welshfootballtrust.org.uk/FAWGoalkeeperawards

If you require further help and support please contact us via twitter https://twitter.com/fawcoached or direct to the Coach Education admin team on 01633 282911.

I haven’t received my coach education certificate?

Level 1 certificates are distributed on course to candidates who have completed all on course requirements. If you were late registering on a course it maybe that your certificate was not produced in advance with other pre course administration. This will be sent out to you post course direct from Dragon Park.

If you do not receive your certificate within four weeks of completion of the course please contact the Level 1 and 2 Coach Education administrator Sarah Williams on[email protected] with dates of the course and venue for this to be issued.

For Level 2, the FAW C Certificate - certificates are sent out direct from Dragon Park on completion of all course work and 100% attendance on course. For any enquiries regarding certification at Level 2 please contact Sarah Williams on [email protected].

For Level 3 and above, FAW/UEFA B Licence - certificates are sent out direct from Dragon Park on completion of all coursework, 100% attendance and successfully completing a practical assessment. For any enquiries regarding certification at Level 3 and above contact Amy Hobbs on [email protected]

I’ve lost my coach education certificate, can I have a replacement?

Yes the cost is £5, for Level 1 courses and the FAW C Certificate please contact Sarah Williams on [email protected] for UEFA B Licence and above please contact Amy Hobbs on [email protected]?subject=Subject to appear in the email">[email protected]

How long is my qualification valid for?

All coaching qualifications are valid for three years, the date of expiry can be found on your certificate. For information on how to revalidate your award please visit www.welshfootballtrust.org.uk/Revalidation

Please note that free of charge revalidation processes exist currently at Level 1 (Football Leaders Award) and Level 2 (FAW Certificate (youth or senior).

(For all queries that are not answered below please contact our Coach Education Administration Team at Dragon Park on 01633 282911)

Player Development

My son/daughter is talented how can they get scouted? Where is the nearest academy?

Player Development opportunities exist for both boys and girls across Wales for the most up to date information and appropriate advice please contact our player development team on 01633 282911 or e-mail [email protected] who will direct your query as appropriate.