Wales Women shouldn't mourn missing the World Cup they should celebrate the legacy they've created
Women and Girls
6 September 2018

Wales Women shouldn't mourn missing the World Cup they should celebrate the legacy they've created

Football Foyer blogger Gethin Boore takes a look at the impact Wales Womens' epic World Cup qualification campaign had on female football in Wales 

“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work” which was the reality for the Welsh Women National Football Team after their incredible journey in their qualifying campaign for the Women’s World Cup next year in France, which gripped a nation, just like the Men’s did two years ago.

The campaign, as a whole, attracted many families for a day out, especially that last game against England, at Newport County’s Rodney Parade.

It was the perfect time for the game, in the summer holidays, on a Friday, with great weather as well.

Before the game, the FAW Trust laid on a range of activities for the juniors to enjoy, so it attracted many people to come much earlier than usual.

It was a must, a chance for parents to get their kids out to enjoy themselves instead of sitting around doing nothing.

The vibe was great in the green space outside of Rodney Parade, and it was getting busier every minute and everyone enjoyed football-tennis and a shooting target board.

There was also a tent that featured a big whiteboard where it said on the top “What do we need to do to get more girls playing?” The answers tended to be all the same such as more activities in schools, but nevertheless, it does attract them, which is a massive bonus.

I heard presenter Dylan Ebenezer say: “it’s amazing how one campaign can bring so many people together” which just goes to show the magnificent job that team has done.


Stars like Jess Fishlock and Natasha Harding have surely never witnessed an atmosphere quite like it before, and even some of the England players praised the Welsh support.

It doesn’t matter what the result was, so many young girls have taken interest in the game.

The FAW has thrown so much energy into promoting female football in the last three years and this was their reward.

There has been a massive increase on the number of junior girls playing Football, and after this, it only looks like it will grow again.

Thank you for the memories ladies, Diolch yn fawr.