Wales star Loren Dykes on giving back to Welsh football
Next Generation
21 December 2018

Wales star Loren Dykes on giving back to Welsh football

At the end of an emotional year Wales star Loren Dykes would be forgiven for taking some time-out to reflect. 

But the end of 2018 has been far from relaxed for the veteran defender.

The Bristol City full back travelled to Portugal in her role as coach of the Wales U15 girls squad.

Why? Because she's determined to give something back to the game that's given her so much. 

The UEFA A Licence  coach said: “I love coaching these girls, I really do.” 

“It is nice to give back to the game and I think all of us senior girls do it in our own sort of way, but for me I love coaching and giving knowledge and experience that I’ve had back to them.

“I love being here on camp with this group, learning from the other coaches is a big benefit to me too and something I really enjoy and it is great to see the way the girls game has developed over the year and that there is a clear pathway into the women’s.

“There is certainly a bright future ahead!”

As well as coaching the aspiring international girls Dykes sees her responsibility to inspire them to follow in her footsteps and play her part in continuing female football's rapid growth across Wales.

The 53 times capped star said: “What we’ve said to the players a lot is that if they work as hard as they can and they look to learn then that’s all we can ask of them, really.

“We want them to enjoy themselves as much as possible.

“I played in tournaments against good opposition back when I was younger. I don’t remember the results, but I do remember the experiences and what I learnt, so for these girls to come out here and play against such good opposition is fantastic and in a few years’ time they won’t remember the results, but hopefully they will remember the memories from this and the things they’ve learnt.”