Vacancy - Business Manager
28 March 2014

Vacancy - Business Manager

Newtown FC looking to employ a Business Manager

Newtown FC looking to employ a Business Manager

With the recently released news that a 3G pitch for community use is to be laid at Latham Park, Newtown Football Club has decided to employ a full time Business Manager. The new post will begin as soon as possible to prepare a booking system for the pitch, establish potential clients and increase the business and sponsorship at Latham Park.

Job Title: Business Manager (Club Pitch Hire and Promotion Co-ordinator)
Salary: circa £14,000 - £17,000 PA

Role Purpose
To undertake supervisory duties, allocate the hire of the 3G pitch, collect and account for all hire fees under the direction and supervision of the Football Club Board Committee. To promote the facilities and hiring of it to all targeted stakeholders (local community, sports clubs, other leagues, businesses etc.) To increase sponsorship, advertising and hire of Latham Centre facilities.

Newtown Football Club will be converting their Latham Park stadium pitch to a 3G synthetic surface over the summer, with significant investment from the Football Association of Wales and other agencies.

• Develop and implement a booking system for the hiring of the facility and payment for use
• Implement the marketing for promotional purposes for exposure of the 3G facility advertising across all media platforms to maximise pitch use and hire of Latham Centre facilities.
• Coordinate social media activities to create interest in the related activities and ensuring all new media opportunities are exploited
• Ensure that the relevant health & safety, maintenance procedures are in place for the use of the 3G facility
• Writing and editing in-house publications, case studies, speeches, articles & reports
• Preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, hand-outs, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programmes
• Liaise with local companies to maximise investment, sponsorship and advertising revenue at Latham Park.

Skills & Experience Required
• The ideal candidate will be passionate about Welsh Football (WPL)
• Experience in marketing / media, ideally sports or other high profile sector
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships
• Excellent oral and written communication skills (to the highest standard)
• Good oral and written Welsh language skills (preferred)
• Ability to multi-task, good planning & organisational skills with sound IT skills.

The position is full time, based at Latham Park, Newtown. The post holder will be required to carry out additional work outside of normal office hours.

Applications must be in writing with CV, to Club Secretary, Owen Durbridge, email: [email protected]
Closing date for applications - 30th April, 2014