FAW UEFA Goalkeepers B Licence course launches
10 July 2020

FAW UEFA Goalkeepers B Licence course launches

Following on from gaining the coveted UEFA accreditation for our Goalkeepers A Licence award, we're now also pleased to be offering the full programme in Wales with our new FAW/UEFA Goalkeepers B Licence.

This course will be starting through modern interactive online sessions due to the impact of the current situation regarding Covid-19, with Practical days planed for December 2020 and March 2021.

This course is designed to combine the technical mechanics of the goalkeeper and their role in the modern game.

The course explores how coaches positively affect goalkeepers through realistic practices, and decision-making opportunities. Practical and theoretical presentations support the coach by building technical, tactical, physical, social and psychological knowledge.

In line with UEFA Pre-requisites candidates will be required to have an FAW Goalkeepers C Certificate (or Level 2 equivalent) as well as an FAW C Certificate (Outfield Level 2 or equivalent)

Rob Thomas, National Goalkeeper Programmes Manager said: “It’s fantastic to be able to offer a full Goalkeeper Programme here in Wales.  It is something we have been striving to achieve for many years to benefit our excellent National programme and to be a leading example in Europe.”

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FAW Trust Technical Director Dr David Adams said: “Wales continue to strive to improve as a leading provider of Coach Education, and the recent inclusion of UEFA Accreditation to our FAW/UEFA Goalkeepers B Licence is a perfect example of this.  A full programme to develop our Goalkeeper Coaches signifies our support for the specialism that is needed for our Goalkeepers and Goalkeeper Coaches.”

FAW Trust Head of Coach Education Carl Darlington said: “It is great to continue our World Class Coach Education provision with the accreditation of our Goalkeepers B Licence by UEFA.  We are one of a few countries in Europe able to provide a fully accredited programme of specific Goalkeeper Education.”