Sport Wales School Sport Survey
22 November 2018

Sport Wales School Sport Survey

The FAW Trust has welcomes the news that football remains the most popular sport in Wales among primary and secondary school pupils – but encouraging more girls to play remains the priority.

The Sport Wales School Sport Survey also revealed that football is the most popular choice of club sport for boys.

And as an informal sport, outside of school or a club, it was the third most popular for boys and featured in the top seven for girls across primary and secondary school levels.

Yet there is still considerable work to do in order that we achieve our ambitious goals by 2024. In particular, we're committed to increasing the number of girls playing the game.

CEO Neil Ward said: “Obviously it is heartening to see that all the work of our clubs, partners and all those that turn out to help make sure that grassroots football happens week in, week out is paying off. Our big priority continues to be the female game. We are currently in the middle of an education review in which we’ve been consulting a wide range of partners within the sector, football stakeholders and young people about how we take football forward in schools as well as Colleges and Universities.

“We have seen the numbers of women and girls playing in a club increase over several years but there is much more to be done to encourage girls to play. We’ve set ourselves the target of making football the most popular team sport among women and girls by 2020. It's an ambitious target and to achieve it, we are taking a long, hard look at the issues and challenges that are getting in the way of girls taking to the pitch.”