Innovative Lidl Play More Football programme extends to primary schools
Lidl Play More Football
29 November 2017

Innovative Lidl Play More Football programme extends to primary schools

Our innovative Lidl Play More Football programme has now extended to Primary Schools.

After an exciting launch, attended by Wales internationals Jazz Richards and Nadia Lawrence, at Swansea’s Parkland Primary School, the scheme is now being rolled out across Wales.

The latest development in the scheme involves secondary school pupils coaching their primary peers as we aim to get 30,000 Welsh children playing football weekly in the next five years.

Defender Richards said: “Seeing the smiles on the youngsters’ faces reminded me what it was like playing football when I was that age.

“It’s a good scheme for young players and coaches to develop.”

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Yeovil Town attacker Lawrence added: “It’s really good to see how many girls have got involved in this programme.

“I saw quite a few skills that were better than me, but that’s really good!”

The latest development of the scheme is part of the supermarket’s £10m investment in grassroots football and will create £1,000 student directors of football from secondary schools in Wales, who we hope to develop as the coaches of the future.

Lidl UK purchasing director Ryan McDonnell said: “This scheme plays a direct role in giving boys and girls the chance to get playing and falling in love with football.

“This approach allows young people to coach younger children and shape the future of the game.”