Level One, Coach Education
7 October 2015

Level One, Coach Education

Change on the Horizon

Coach Education in Wales is changing, and continuing to change for the benefit of our coaches across the country, Welsh football has developed significantly over the last 3 to 5 years and none more so then our FAW Coach Education programme with some of Football’s greatest names attending our Senior Level 3, 4 and 5 Awards.

Over the last 18-months, we have also been striving as a department to ensure we continue to provide quality provision to our 2,200+ new coaches entering the game each year on our Level 1, Football Leaders Award playing a crucial role in supporting the thousands of young players participating in our national game on a weekly basis.

Across the last 18-months, the plans to start to change and revolutionise provision for welsh coaches has gathered pace and has provided us with an exciting launch date for January 2016, which will see welsh coaches move into a new world of online learning to support their ever busy lifestyles and ensue much greater flexibility and opportunities to attain that first crucial step on the coach education pathway.

With the launch fast approaching and further information soon to be released, the welsh football trust through Level 1 Coach Education manager, Mark Roberts has lead a national road-show delivering our future plans to the 6 area associations across Wales, mark explains;

“It has been a privilege and great opportunity to be able to take our future plans for coach education across wales, throughout all 6 regions of the country and share the key changes for level one coach education with our area associations.
The 6 presentations have allowed for a strong consultation and an opportunity for those who support our governance of the game to gain a key understanding of not just why and how we will be looking to move coach education forward, but importantly the strong benefits for the clubs, coaches and volunteers of their particular regions.”

The Course’s official launch will take place in early December, with further information to be released across the coming weeks, but the 6 area associations consultation will now be followed by 33 additional presentations across the next 4 months, as Mark and his level one team provide a presentation of our changes to all affiliated junior leagues and their clubs across Wales.