Huddle starlet Ffion refuses to let Cerebral Palsy affect her love of football
16 December 2019

Huddle starlet Ffion refuses to let Cerebral Palsy affect her love of football

By Jack Cook

On a crisp Wednesday evening, Johnstown Football Club’s Girls Huddle session was taking place at UWTSD campus in Carmarthen where a group of 13 girls were enjoying their introduction to football.

With parents on the sideline watching their girls have their first taste of football, we got chatting to Yvonne Davies, Mum to 9-year-old Ffion who was enjoying her third week of Huddle.

Yvonne explained that Ffion had fallen in love with football after her first week at Huddle and that she cannot wait for a Wednesday evening to come around each week.

Yvonne Davies said, “the first thing Ffion says when she wakes up is yay, it’s football tonight, she simply cannot wait to get here.”

Ffion, who has cerebral palsy has felt welcomed and included since her first session with the Johnstown Huddle. She explained how supportive and helpful the coaches have been. Yvonne said,” I had to go and buy her a football kit after her first session as she was adamant, she needed to look the part.”

One of the coaches at the Huddle in Johnstown is Amanda. Amanda has been highlighted for going the extra mile in helping Ffion settle in. Amanda gives Ffion some extra support with some of the games. Ffion is not a stranger to sports groups as she already participates in karate and running, but football has brought a new sense of joy to Ffion’s life.

Yvonne went on to explain that these sessions act as a wonderful physiotherapy session for Ffion and she is so thrilled to see her enjoying herself. “All I want is for Ffion to enjoy herself, she’s a confident little girl that wants to be a professional footballer when she’s older.”