Grassroots Programmes
7 January 2014

Grassroots Programmes

WFT Website, Poll Results

WFT Website, Poll Results

The introduction of our new website has allowed us and will allow us to become more interactive with our users and importantly gain valuable feedback, comments and information about our programmes across Wales.

Information and thoughts can be shared through several forms:

  • Accessing our 'Contact Us' forms for personal responses from identified staff.

  • Leaving your public comment on our programme pages, letting us know your thoughts on our ideas and recent news stories.

  • Accessing and voting within our regular poll feature which can be located on the right-hand channel of the website.

Our initial poll has had over 200 votes cast upon the question "Are you currently involved within our Grassroots Programmes"

52% of those who voted are currently involved in our grassroots structures at some form, supporting the development of our game across Wales. Even more pleasingly just over 40% who voted wish to find out more, with many of you interested in accessing support across the coming months.

Please see below a list of key contacts across Wales for those who wish to contact their local officer for further information and avenues for support:

  • North Wales - Mark Roberts

  • Central Wales - Eleri Williams

  • South Wales - Lawrence Badman

  • West Wales - Colin Staples

  • Gwent - Gavin Thomas

Information for all officers can be accessed via our 'About Us and Contact Trust Staff' Page and we'll be happy to help and support your enquiry.