Futsal supporting grassroots football during the bleak Welsh winter
5 February 2014

Futsal supporting grassroots football during the bleak Welsh winter

Winter Futsal fixtures at the grassroots being played across Wales

As many football teams and league enter the second half of the football season the welsh weather continues to cause disruption to fixtures. However many boys and girls have not been affected by the endless rain as they have been playing Futsal to ensure their enjoyment is not spoiled by the elements.


Futsal the official form of five a side football is an ideal development tool and can used in a flexible format to support football development. With the ideal playing surface being indoor sports halls or leisure centres it means that game scan proceed regardless of any adverse weather. In addition to sports halls artificial pitches can also be utilised for training and fixtures to ensure players don't miss out on playing opportunities.

Recently all twenty three Welsh Premier League academy boys clubs have played Futsal during December and January at age groups ranging from under 10 to under 16. In addition to this coaches have been delivering Futsal coaching sessions during this period to ensure that the players are getting the maximum benefits out of the small sided version of Football.

This model has been adopted and copied with junior leagues across the country. Another good example of Futsal supporting grassroots football can be seen with the South Wales Girls League also using Futsal during this period for their entire under 10 and under 12 age groups. Playing in multiple venues across South Wales has ensured that these young female players are not missing out on their football and becoming frustrated at the lack of games.

With thousands of boys and girls across the country now playing Futsal during the winter and no sign of the welsh climate changing any time soon Futsal is supporting welsh football to ensure players don’t miss out on games for weeks on end. As teams and leagues continue their season maybe next season even more coaches and players will use Futsal as a tool to keep developing their players during the winter months

Many of the worlds most famous football players have voiced their support of Futsal. Two players who will be hoping to win the World Cup this summer in Brazil have recently spoken up in favor of Futsal to support the development of players.

Neymar "Futsal helps a lot because you need to think quickly. It's a more dynamic game and today in Europe there's not much space so you need to think quicker and Futsal has helped me a lot with that. Futsal is one of my passions. UEFA.com

Hulk "Playing Futsal I learned control of the ball, the way you dominate the ball. In Futsal the ball always comes faster, it has more speed, and you have to have more agility to be able to immediately break out of a play or marking, so that helps a lot on the football pitch.UEFA.com

For more information on Futsal contact Richard Gunney Futsal Development Officer at the Welsh Football Trust

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Futsal supporting grassroots football during the bleak Welsh winter