Football Activator Award to develop young leaders in schools
3 June 2021

Football Activator Award to develop young leaders in schools

The FAW Trust are excited to announce plans to launch a new education and leadership award targeted at secondary school aged pupils in Year groups 9 – 11 with the overall aim of developing confident, and inspirational Activators who can use football to motivate and engage others.

The Football Activator Award has been designed to introduce students to the numerous opportunities that being involved in football in Wales can bring and to importantly give confidence to lead or organise fun football sessions!

The Award will be split up into six different modules; each one giving an insight into a topic that will help develop students on their leadership journey! These include;

1. Your journey into football.

2. Health and safety considerations

3. Communication skills

4. Leadership skills

5. Decision making skills

6. Opportunities within football

The key learning outcomes we hope students will achieve include;

· Understanding different techniques in encouraging people to play football in a fun way.

· To help understand which leadership opportunities interest students the most – this may be coaching, or refereeing, or maybe some behind the scenes planning and organising!

· Importantly building confidence to become an Activator

The course is a ready-made sports leadership framework and will be delivered by teachers with the full support of FAW Trust staff and has been designed to meet key aims and statements included in the National Curriculum for Wales.

Pupils who complete the Award will gain the required skills to help lead sport sessions within the school setting, support clubs based in their local community, , including Huddle or Fun Football sessions.

These hours can be utilised for the required volunteering hours under the theme of coaching for the community challenge component of the Skills Challenge certificate in the Welsh Baccalaureate at Key Stage 4.

The award will be piloted during June & July with a wider roll out of the Award scheduled for Autumn 2021.