Enterprise and Collaboration
7 May 2014

Enterprise and Collaboration

The way forward for community sport and physical activity in Wales

The way forward for community sport and physical activity in Wales

A one-day event focusing on how Welsh community sports providers can meet the challenges and benefit of new opportunities created by changes in people's lives, the political landscape and the economic situation.

When: 26th June 2014
Where: SWALEC Stadium, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
Cost: £90 to Community Clubs

Real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learned, ideas and experiences to be shared

"The changing world in which we are living..."

Economic challenges, a changing political landscape and the rise of the 'demanding' consumer and the ever-growing use of mobile and social media are just a few of the factors which are affecting our ability to deliver community sport in a sustainable way in Wales.

At the same time we are experiencing a number of innovative and efficient providers who are indeed leading the way and managing to deliver exciting and welcoming activities, working with sport and non-sport partners and delivering great benefits.<1R>

There are already considerable opportunities for community sport and physical activity to have a major impact on the local economy, physical and mental health, training and education, social cohesion, crime and social behaviour, and all in all, help build stronger communities. This calls for genuine collaboration between community sport and physical activity and a wide range of non-sports partners across Wales.

So how do we deliver great, sustainable community sport and physical activity without compromising our sporting and community objectives? How do we provide great customer experiences whilst at the same time meeting the strategic objectives of external partners and funders, whether they are from within sport or from health, education, regeneration or community services? How do we increase the number of active people in Wales by 'listening to their lives' and 'speaking their language'?

A conference presenting real stories and ‘need-to-know’ support

This conference focuses on these issues, highlighting best practice and providing thoughts, tools and to-dos on how you too can become a sustainable community sports provider.

This is not a conference packed with policy presentations. We hope people will leave the event knowing they have heard some great practical ideas and having learned how to make positive changes of their own.

Please find below a comprehensive breakdown of the itinerary and list of speakers for the event.

Enterprise and Collaboration