Disability initiative aims to challenge perceptions of 'bullying' and 'ridicule'
12 August 2016

Disability initiative aims to challenge perceptions of 'bullying' and 'ridicule'

An exciting new team has been created

A new scheme has been launched which aims to bring footballers of varying abilities together in one team.

Two innovative clubs Cleddau Warriors and Clarbeston Road have teamed up in a bit to end a perceived culture of bullying or ridicule that has puts many disabled people off playing football.

In the scheme, a new team has been created in which disabled footballers playing alongside their non-disabled counterparts.

The team play under the name of Clarbe Warriors and the playing format is the traditional 11 a-side version of the game. There is criteria in place to ensure that six players per team on the field of play must have a disability.

Already, they have had success, reaching the final of a regional competition played over the course of two weekends.

Their first match was against Penclawdd Bravehearts of Swansea, which they lost 4-2, followed by a win (6-4) against Aberstars of Aberystwyth. Their third match was a draw against the Harp Herons of Bridgend FC (3-3), a fantastic result with qualified them for the final against Penclawdd which they lost 7-3.

The aim of the new initiative is to provide playing opportunities for those players whose ability and/or social level sit between the PAN Disability League and mainstream football structures. PAN Disability League creates a playing environment suitable for most players with a disability but not all.

Angela Miles, disability sport officer for Pembrokeshire County Council, said the scheme would enhance the programme of activity for footballers with a disability and offer more playing opportunities.

She said: “Clarbeston Road AFC has always provided coaches for Cleddau Warriors AFC and it is fantastic to see the two clubs coming together to form one team.

“It would be great if some of the Cleddau Warriors players represent Clarbeston Road in the Pembrokeshire League in the near future.”

Cllr Elwyn Morse, Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and Leisure, added: “It’s great to hear this initiative is proving to be a success and hopefully it will pave the way to more integrated football teams in the County in the future.”

If you’re interested in being involved in this initiative, please call disability sport officer Angela Miles on 07920 213651 or email her here