Hundreds of players enjoy first FAW National Disability Festival since pandemic
1 June 2022

Hundreds of players enjoy first FAW National Disability Festival since pandemic

More than 280 players gathered at Dragon Park, Newport, for the FAW National Disability Football Festival.

The first national disability festival since the coronavirus pandemic saw 23 teams from 12 clubs gather, from across Wales, to recognise the great work our volunteers do within their community settings. 

Players were eligible if they were 16+ with any type of disability and were split using our ability banding criteria to match players.

These groupings were placed into a festival round robin format to optimise game time and ensure every participant could get the most out of their day.

With it being many players’ first opportunity to interact with different clubs since the pandemic, it was brilliant to see teams socialising together before, during and after the event showing the additional benefits these events bring.


Jamie Griffin, National Participation at FAW Trust, stated “It is brilliant to welcome our PAN disability clubs from all across Wales to the fantastic facilities here at Dragon Park to recognise the exceptional work that is going on within the local communities.

Seeing the smiles on the faces of the participants before, during and after the festival highlight the importance of these types of events and the collaboration between clubs to provide inclusive opportunities for all.  

Whilst they participate in regular physical activity, not only are they developing their technical ability, the physical, psychological and social benefits they gain are huge and it is brilliant to be able to bring everyone together on days like today.” 

We would like to thank all the players and volunteers for their tireless work across Wales to grow the game and we look forward to hosting further events in the future for all age groups in all areas of Wales.


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on your local PAN disability or inclusive football sessions please contact Jamie Griffin