Community Asset Transfer: How to take ownership of your ground
30 January 2018

Community Asset Transfer: How to take ownership of your ground

Mumbles Rangers have been playing at Underhill Park, along with Mumbles RFC, since 1950.

But in 2009 the FAW gold accredited club took the bold decision to attempt to take-over the park, in a joint venture with the rugby club, in what is known as a community asset-transfer.

The thriving club, which boasts more than 500 players in its 33 boys’ and girls’ teams, were desperate to upgrade the facilities at the Swansea Council owned park and wanted ownership of it, in order to safeguard their club’s future.

Chairman Chris Parkin said: “It’s been a long process but we’ve learned we need the support of the community and to have a very strict business plan with strong leaders.

“We have to take the project a stage further. We have to improve the facilities for the people coming through.”

To drive their project forward, the ambitious club enlisted the help of several professional organisations and partners, including the FAW Trust and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales.

Mr Parkin MBE added: “Planning has been a big issue but we’ve taken on people who have experience in these things.

“At the beginning, we thought we could do it ourselves but we soon realised that you need professional people to help with business cases, make planning applications and apply for charitable status. These things don’t happen that easily.

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Five top-tips for kicking-off a community asset-transfer

1)      Be patient

2)      Develop strong partnerships

3)      Get your community involved

4)      Have a strong plan

5)      Get the right expertise on board