How FAW C Certificate courses were completed - despite Covid-19
28 May 2020

How FAW C Certificate courses were completed - despite Covid-19

With in-person FAW coach education courses on-hold, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an innovative programme has been created to help our C Certificate candidates complete their qualification. 

When lockdown started, we had 142 active FAW C Certificate coaches, who were attending courses at venues across Wales.

Since in-person coach education was suspended, nationwide, until at least Friday, July 3, the FAW Level 2 coach educators unveiled a plan to help every C Certificate coach complete their course remotely.

All active C Certificate coaches were given access to all online modules and tasks, while the practical content of their courses was provided by webinars, which was presented by the level two team, between Tuesday, May 12, and Thursday, May 28. 

The coaches will now receive a reality based mentoring session, when it is safe for them to do so.

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