Business Savvy Sport and Physical Activity
17 December 2013

Business Savvy Sport and Physical Activity

How enterprise, partnership working and community engagement can help deliver your objectives

How enterprise, partnership working and community engagement can help deliver your objectives

<1R>This workshop provides thoughts, tools and to-dos for people working in community sports and physical activity

9.30am - 2.00pm
Friday 14th February 2014
Whitchurch Rugby Sports and Social Club, Cardiff, CF14 2TH on 14th FebruaryCardiff

Real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learnt, ideas and experiences to be shared

"The changing world in which we are living..."

Increasingly people working in community sports and physical activity are required to be more business-savvy. They have to demonstrate that they are adding value and that they bring leadership and management skills to the projects they support and deliver.

There is an ever stronger demand for projects to show sustainability and to ensure that these are run as viable enterprises. Accountability is becoming even more important and as funding is coming under pressure and excellent business development and planning must be in place. Many sports projects are only funded or part-funded for a limited period of time and will have to develop viable business models to survive beyond the initial funding period.

Enterprise, partnership working and community engagement are becoming key factors for people working in the community sport and physical activity sector who will have to develop and learn to apply new mindsets and skills to become focused on the business and enterprise aspects.

There is considerable change in the way that our public services are being funded and delivered. There seems to be even bigger scope for community sport and physical activity to create positive social change and be used as a tool to engage disadvantaged people and communities and to help improve lives in a sustainable way.

Successful sports providers working in partnership with local authorities and public bodies and local businesses have been able to make a sizeable impact on communities, helping to address social issues such as anti-social behaviour, poor physical and mental health, unemployment and poor educational attainment.

This highly interactive workshop will provide people involved with community sport with the understanding and skills to be better equipped to deliver better outcomes and more sustainable sporting and community projects.


Areas covered include:

  • How to develop stronger enterprise culture and skills within your organisation

  • How to bring everybody together under one purpose, one vision

  • How to deliver great, sustainable community sport without compromising your sporting and community objectives

  • How to provide really innovative and welcoming customer experiences which fit in with people’s lives

  • How to meet the strategic objectives of external partners and funders, whether they are from within sport or from health, regeneration or community services

  • How to provide really innovative and welcoming sporting experiences which fit in with people’s lives

  • How to you communicate effectively by listening to people and speaking their language using social and mobile media

  • How to achieve more by using your resources more efficiently

  • How to get things done by working better with people

  • How to use low-cost vibrant and visible promotions

  • How to improve the way you manage innovation and change; the life blood of any progressive sports organisation

  • How to you develop sustainable income streams and still grow the number of participants

  • How to focus on your personal development and improve your time management, leadership and management skills and work smarter

  • How to develop business plans that really work

Attending this workshop gives you the opportunity to learn best practice not just from sport, but also from community services and the hospitality sector, put together in an entertaining, thought provoking and hands-on way. It provides you with unique thoughts, tools and to-dos. Delegates will be inspired and involved throughout the workshop so although the purpose of this workshop is obviously not to create experts, they will certainly leave the workshop with a much better understanding of these areas. In short, they will have taken their first steps to become more business savvy.
A practical workbook will ensure that delegates can refresh their learning after the workshop and use day after day.

Who should attend?

This workshop is highly relevant if you are involved with or work for community sports trusts, informal sports providers, community sports enterprises, sports governing bodies, local authorities, county sports partnerships, university or college sport, community sports clubs, physical activity provider, NHS, community groups and other community sports providers.

The presenter:
Holding a Master in Business Administration, MBA, Svend Elkjaer founded the Sports Marketing Network (SMN) in 2005 for people involved with the commercial, community and marketing issues across all sports, be it club, governing body, CSP, local authority or private sports deliverer.
SMN provides information on how to make your club or facility more viable, vibrant and visible, sharing best practice across all sports. It publishes newsletters, organises seminars and helps sports clubs and leisure centres with their commercial, communication and community activities.

Delegate fees: Places are £95.00 each and include tea and coffee and lunch, workbook and SMN's unique Making It Happen service. To book your place go to the SMN web site and complete the registration form or email [email protected] with your details and we will contact you.
If you require further information, please give us a call on 01423 326 660.