More than 100 clubs attend Be Active Wales Fund Webinar - Watch it back now
7 July 2020

More than 100 clubs attend Be Active Wales Fund Webinar - Watch it back now

More than 100 junior football clubs, across Wales, attended a webinar prior to the launch of Sport Wales’ Be Active Wales Fund

The fund, that is now open for applications, is open to junior football clubs and has two main purposes:

  • To provide financial support to clubs or organisations in immediate financial risk or danger. PROTECT

  • To prepare clubs or organisations to re-start their football activity or grow participation, post lockdown. PREPARE 

Those who attended the webinar were told if they are able to access the funds, and how to progress their applications, once they’ve completed the FAW Covid-19 Impact Survey

If you missed the webinar, feel free to watch it back below and make use of the FAQs and contact details below.

Be Active Wales Fund FAQs 


Where can I find a link to complete the COVID-19 Impact Survey?

To access the survey click here. For more information on the survey, contact Daniel Delahay – [email protected]


In the past we have applied for community chest funding separately as we operate with separate bank accounts and have separate accounts with Sport Wales

We would encourage completions of the survey from the whole club that considers the impact on junior and senior sections which could then lead to an application from the whole club for the Be Active Wales Fund


Can you apply to "protect" if you were turned down for ERF?

Yes, if the application meets the criteria for protect


Does a club have to have a lease on a ground for funding for pitch preparation, rather than council maintained?



Would extension of changing rooms be eligible for Prepare funding?

If the extension of changing rooms supports the club meets FAW Return to Football guidelines. If it’s not a requirement then it wouldn’t be supported through the BAWF.


Would the protect element of the fund include the purchase of grass cutting equipment to be used for pitch preparation and maintenance whilst awaiting a start date of the new football season?

The protect element is in place to support clubs with fixed essential costs that have been committed to e.g. utility bills. However, this could include pitch preparation, pre-return of football. Pitch preparation could also form part of a club’s prepare application, depending on the timing of the application.


If clubs are rejected how can they possibly return and provide safely for their members?

Clubs should not be rejected for the fund if they apply for support aligned to FAW Trust Return to Football guidelines. Also, not all clubs will necessarily need funding to return to train/play.


Are they two separate application forms (Protect and prepare)?

It’s the same form but dependent on the timelines related to return to football activity, you should apply for protect and then prepare separately.


Is there a delivered confirmation for the covid-19 survey? As when completed I didn’t receive anything.

We have recently added this confirmation, please contact Daniel Delahay if you want to check whether your club has submitted the survey successfully – [email protected]

If a COVID-19 business support grant has been received by the club, are we still eligible to apply for BAWF?

Those who have accessed other support i.e. Business rates relief will not be able to apply for protect support but will be able to apply for prepare support.


As a private business who is part of the Fun Football Programme, are we eligible or is it just clubs and not- for-profits?

No, private business who deliver the Fun Football programme aren’t eligible for the Be Active Wales. There are other Welsh Government and Local Authority support available for businesses related to COVID-19. Please contact Business Wales for more support on this.


If we have immediate costs and also costs associated with setting things up for the future, which fund do we apply for?

If you require immediate support with fixed essential costs e.g. utility bills you should apply for Protect now, applications for Prepare should only be considered when we are clearer on Return to Football timelines.


Would aspects of a club facility be covered such as building work, should money now not be available due to lack of funding and the inability to raise sponsor etc.?

The Be Active Wales Fund will only support clubs with fixed essential costs and preparing to Return to Football under FAW Trust guidelines. Facility developments that are aspirational and not related to the guidelines produced on Return to Football activity would not be supported.


Can clubs apply more than once for the fund? I.e. apply for protect funding in July and then go in again for prepare once guidelines allow a return to football in say August?