Apply for our exciting Footie Families full-time PhD research programme
7 May 2019

Apply for our exciting Footie Families full-time PhD research programme

The FAW Trust want all children and young people to engage in a lifelong involvement and love of sport and physical activity and have a positive affinity to football.

However, by working with Sport Wales, we are aware that as the largest participated sport in Wales we have a duty to ensure that young people are being appropriately supported to develop a broad range of foundational physical skills for a physically active later life.

We have therefore been working on development of a new physical literacy based family engagement programme, Footie Families.

This has been developed by the Wales Institute for Physical Literacy and the FAW Trust, drawing on the work of SKIP-Cymru© (Successful Kinaesthetic Instruction for Pre-schoolers in Wales) it uses structured play-based activities for parents and their children facilitated by specifically trained coaches.

The programme is soon to be piloted in two geographical areas of Wales in both Welsh language and English sessions.

Once the pilots have been completed and further amends made to the programme we will be looking to launch this as a franchise option for partners in late summer 2019 to deliver in their own areas.  

Alongside the running of the programme we will be researching its impact and effectiveness over the next three years with a full time PhD student to support this.

Applications are now open for the Research programme. Click for more information

If you would be interested in becoming a franchise partner in the longer term please do not hesitate to get in touch to register your interest